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Custom Packaging

Custom vacuum packaging at The Art of Cheese Want a bit of cheese to stay fresh for a while on a trip or for an event? We now offer vacuum packaging options.

The Feathers Pub

The Feathers Pub on Kingston Road in Toronto Try our cheese in delicious, down-home recipes at The Feathers, where you'll also find an incredible selection of Scotch.

  • Art Of Cheese store on Kingston Road, Toronto
  • Art Of Cheese La Grand Fromage
  • Art Of Cheese Display - Olives, cutting boards, serving accessories
  • Art Of Cheese - Crackers, fruit pastes, confits, raclette
  • Art Of Cheese - Confits, raclette, fondue, serving accessories

The Art of Cheese welcomes you to the world of artisan cheese and gourmet foods

 Experience the taste of Toronto's finest selection of Canadian cheeses: Goat . Sheep . Cow . Water Buffalo . Most are organic and are some rennet-free! We also carry European & international classics and specialty cheeses. Please use our email form or call us at 416-850-7639 for pre-packaged orders and pick-up. We would be delighted to have your orders ready when you are.

How to Choose a Cheese Shop

Shopping for cheese should be fun but for many it can be a daunting task. The reason is simple: there's too much of a good thing!

In the last 20 years, the amount of truly great cheese—cheese that has a narrative with beginning, middle, and end notes—to its flavour have flooded the market. Many of them are from North America; many more are from Europe and a few are from elsewhere.

Read more about finding the right cheese shop.

Shop Online

Here we are joining the rest of the world in the 21st century with our new website and newsletter. As part of our modernization efforts, we also now offer much of our in-store selection for sale online at our sister company Cheese2Go.

That's right, buy your cheese online! We're now well into our second year and have successfully shipped cheese in temperature controlled packaging to Halifax, Vancouver Island and many places in between.